I am a hunter

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Its getting to that time when the leaves start to fall and a deep ancient primal need draws me to the woods. My high church, the wild places where the circle of life is pure and you go to see things no one has ever seen before. Hunting is not a bloodsport. Its an ancient need to reconnect with the earth and the deep instincts that reside in all of us. This time of year I notice my senses become sharper, my eyesight clearer and a desire to wander alone in search of prey that is far superior in stealth, cunning and survival than I could ever be. Hunting is man vs self, man vs nature and the elements. You really haven't lived until you find yourself on a mountaintop all alone when its snowing sideways and your eyelids are literally freezing together. Exhausted from the cold and the distance you have travelled. Knowing it is all up to you and if it came down to it having the confidence that you have the focus, skill and endurance to provide for your family. Taking a deep breath of frigid crystal clear air you slowly take another step. Slowly, quietly. Knowing all too well you may see nothing today or this week. It could be thousands of steps more before you are warm again but that's ok. Breathe...I am here, I am present, I am alive.


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