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Home is where the art is…

For so many, over the past year, horizons shifted and sometimes shrank, geographically and emotionally. It was a time to focus on what it really means to live and what we truly need in our lives to make us smile. For Savlen collectors around the world, their homes and happy spaces have never felt more important. A space to refocus and recharge, a place for quiet reflection or life-affirming celebrations with friends and family.

“For my wife and me, it felt right to go back to our roots,” explains Mike Savlen. “We’ve been selling art online for 15 years, and as much as we enjoyed our galleries in Key West, Florida and Gloucester, Massachusetts, we wanted to focus on my work – and our lives.”

“Launching this new Savlen Studios online gallery makes it easier for us to reach collectors around the world – wherever we are. We love keeping in touch with our collectors and think of them as family. Regardless of where our collectors are from or their culture, we love talking to people from all walks of life. It’s amazing to hear how many people connect with my artwork.”

Are you looking for art to make you smile every day? Welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

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Savlen’s new Online Art Gallery

Have you viewed the world through the Savlen Kaleidoscope? It’s a wonderful thing. Try it! On this new Savlen Studios online gallery, the artist’s vivid, high chroma color palette is set against a simply stylish white background, so the colors and scenes pop from your screen.

“I’ve always gravitated towards brighter, cheerful colors,” says Savlen. “We come from New England, which can be kind of gloomy outside. I like to bring out the beauty I see in everything I observe. I hope my art makes people feel happy, positive, vibrant – and makes them feel good about their day.”

“Over the years, I’ve been honored and humbled to know that students, colleges and art schools around the world study my contemporary style and color theory. It is also part of the ongoing curriculum at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.”

Do you want to see the color palette in Savlen’s latest original art, limited originals, giclée prints and tile art?

Try your Savlen artwork – before you buy

The newly launched Savlen Studios online gallery has been designed to make your art buying fun and easy. With our new in-website function, you can see how Savlen artwork will fit into your life. Snap a quick shot of your wall, upload it and see whether your chosen Savlen art will match your paint colors, décor, wall size.

We have offered a 'view your Savlen art on your walls' option for years through our design program. But when we handled that service in-house, it could take days. Now you can see Savlen artwork ‘on your walls’ in seconds. In this insta world of ours, do you want to try an instant way to picture our art in your life?  Choose your artwork and click ‘see this piece on your wall’. Simple. And super effective.

Peek behind the scenes into Savlen’s life, inspiration and artist’s studio

For many Savlen collectors and art lovers, the artist is as interesting and inspiring as the artwork they chose for their lives. You can read Savlen’s story on this website, share his art journey, and learn more about his life and work. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear the latest news and discover special offers from Savlen Studios.

Savlen's Story

What’s next for Savlen?

Our new website is packed with features for Savlen collectors and art lovers. There is also one bonus that you can’t yet see, but you can enjoy the benefits right here - very soon. Creating this online gallery frees Savlen to travel more. As travel fuels his inspiration you can expect even more incredible art, capturing moments in nature that highlight its sublime ability to move our minds and souls.

“I have been asked to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places, making art, memories – and having epic adventures with some of the most amazing people.”

Is there a future focus for the artist's attuned eye? Or new inspirations to catch on canvas?

“I’ll tell you when I wake up in the morning,” laughs Savlen. "That's always a difficult question for me to answer. It's easier for me to find inspiration when it comes to me rather than trying to force it. I kind of like to travel where the wind blows me."

Would you like to join the journey? To learn more about Savlen’s travels, inspirations and future work, sign up for our newsletter.

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