Savlen’s Art

'I see colors vividly. It’s the first thing I focus on when I’m outside. Yes, at first glance that should be a grey, but look closer…'

Savlen draws out the colors in nature’s palette the rest of us often miss. Nature, the finest artist of all, offers Savlen endless inspiration in its myriad details. Details that draw your gaze back into Savlen’s scenes again and again, as you live the vibrancy of that moment with the artist. Can you feel it? Do you know this scene?

Through Savlen’s work, art lovers worldwide live their passion for nature and art through the 'Savlen Kaleidoscope'. When all you can see is grey, gaze into your Savlen art to venture beyond the surface into that captured moment, vibrating in every color.


Traditional artistic style and techniques with contemporary, vibrant colors

No art category can capture or confine Savlen’s fine art. And that’s exactly the way he loves it. Savlen has yet to meet an artistic boundary he didn't want to push. Every time he steps into his studio, a fresh adventure in art begins. Savlen constantly experiments with different mediums to cross new frontiers with his art.

Despite choosing a different journey from the classic art school approach, Savlen sought out the finest teachers for every traditional artistic method he wanted to master. He learnt about art from the best, by their side. Now artists, young and the no-longer-quite-so young, from around the world, study Savlen’s style and his unique mix of classical skills and contemporary techniques - using his pioneering work to refine their art. Savlen's contemporary style and color theory form part of the ongoing curriculum for students at London's Royal Academy of Arts.

Savlen’s work ebbs and flows between figuration and abstraction, using colors alive with movement, sharp contrasts, varied brushwork and lyrical notes, all designed to capture your gaze and draw you back again and again to the art.

‘I paint life, not scenes. I paint the vibrancy of nature in all its glorious colors. The moments I capture on canvas are feelings, memories and moments I have lived. I paint from my emotions, from the life I live. I don’t plan my paintings – apart from living the life I need to create them. I want to discover the scene as I paint it, for the emotions to unfold spontaneously, like a story.’


Savlen Originals

Every Savlen Original begins life the same way - with a blank canvas and Savlen's limitless imagination. Getting that moment, that memory, onto the canvas is a truly organic process. Like meditation – it flows.

When you gaze into a Savlen Original you live a moment with the artist. You share the visceral emotional connection Savlen experienced in that instant when he captured life’s immediacy in all its beauty.

‘I paint what I have lived, in vivid colors that feel alive with adventure. The high chroma color palette I use, and my layering technique, give a contemporary look to my traditional fine art techniques.’


Savlen Limited Originals

If your art-buying budget doesn’t (yet?) stretch to your dream of owning a Savlen Original, you can still enjoy the Savlen magic with our Limited Originals. Savlen chooses a selection of his original work to recreate as limited reproductions, printed in limited editions of only 74, using the giclée fine art digital printing technique. Your limited original artwork will be unique because the artist hand embellishes layers onto every single print.


Savlen Giclée Print Wall Decor

You know that moment when you see a painting and you simply have to have it in your life? Treating yourself to art is a dream made real with Savlen Studio’s affordable giclée print canvas wall décor. Savlen’s giclée fine art printing technique creates the closest replica to an original work of art so you can enjoy Savlen sunshine on your walls right now.


Savlen Tile Art

Would you like to taste sunshine when you cook? Or dive into nature when you soak in the bath? Savlen ceramic fine art tiles are available as single tiles or custom-designed wall-sized murals. Which means you can choose one single perfect tile to make you smile - or you can create a vibrant wall mural to bring your space alive. Savlen Studio’s custom ceramic fish art tiles can also be used as kitchen backsplashes, to tile your outdoor bar, lobby or swimming pool. If you can’t find the image you want for your Savlen tile art, ask us about our custom tiles.


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