Kennebunk River at sunset - limited palette landscape painting - 8x10" on Board

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I often find myself at river mouths fly fishing and at the same time wishing I had brought some paints. Usually I leave the camera, phone etc. in my truck because if I'm fishing I don't want to be bothered by the rest of the world. Unfortunately this has caused me many missed opportunities to catch a really beautiful landscape or sunrise that I regret not recording for later. so I started bringing a small camera that I can tuck into my waders and keeps dry. This piece is a very limited palette study using only 4 colors and as few brushstrokes as possible to say what I wanted to. By limiting my palette its more about the joy of painting rather than agonizing over colors, and its also much easier to transport into the field in a small pochade box. Happy with how this came out so I think for a bit I will stick with just the primaries. Feels like starting from the beginning but sometimes its nice to hit the reset button and do things just for the pleasure of it. Kennebunk River sunset 8x10 acrylic on Board original available HERE

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